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Mit der Übermittlung der für die Abwicklung des Rechnungskaufes und einer Identitäts- und Bonitätsprüfung erforderlichen Daten an Klarna bin ich einverstanden. Meine Einwilligung kann ich jederzeit mit Wirkung für die Zukunft widerrufen.

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The Swedish dream

Författare: Lidija Manfredi / Mentico

This book is part one of two , it is a autobiography about my life the last 8 years. How i have been wrongley accused and put in jail for a crime for a crime that I have not committed, and I want to share the shortcomings that the Swedish judiciary has, which are far too serious and that there is corruption, even in Sweden. Sweden is a country that is ranked very high with its standard and democracy, but unfortunately so in my case, and I am not the only one, so they committed a murder 7 years ago. I still fight today to get redress, and to get my name free from false accusations, I want the whole world to know that in Sweden you can be judged on various clues and, no technical evidence is needed in such a modern country as Sweden. I want my story to come out, because what has happened to me can happen to just about anyone and it's scary. In this way, I also want to get a petition filed in the Swedish Supreme Court, where I have to pay both private detectives and lawyers myself. Since no journalist wanted to write a small article in the newspaper or that I would get this story in the media, because it involves deputy chief prosecutors, the then president of Svea Court of Appeal, corrupt police and prosecutors, no one has dared to write about this, and no lawyer would undertake to probono, dare to go against his own colleagues, this is the new Swedish democracy. Journalists do not dare to write and carry out their work as they should, nor do lawyers dare to take cases against their colleagues. So I wrote the book myself, and I will have it out in the bookstore, my case will be noticed, I have struggled for 8 years, without money, without any help from anyone, all my friends and family have distanced themselves, I am completely myself, homeless. That's what this is all about from the very beginning, it's the real estate company Skandia Fastigheter, who wanted my home, so they could sell black leases. One of the main characters in this story is my former neighbor Linda, whose grandfather was information manager at the National Criminal Investigation Department from 1966-1982, he was also a crime reporter and crime writer Curt Falkenstam, her father was a police officer he was also called Curt Falkenstam. So you see that corruption is flowing, even though these two old men have been dead for over 20-30 years, she has thick contacts in the Swedish judiciary. The second book will be a sequel and it will be called "The Swedish Dream Deluxe", the names The Swedsih Dream are sarcastic and ironic, it has nothing to do with any Swedish dream, but on the contrary this is a psyco thriller and a nightmare, as I try to stop and clear my name, and regain my life, after so many years.

Lidija Manfredi / Mentico

I am a 51 year old woman, who has lived in Sweden for 50 years, originally from Serbia. My grandfather first came to Stockholm in 1965 and then me and my parents in 1970. I am the mother of a son and the grandmother of the finest and most wonderful girl for me of course in the hole wide world.
This is my debut as a writer, and there will be some more to follow, in the near future. I have been imprisoned innocently 3 times in the course of 3 years, I unfortunately had to flee Sweden in 2019, after the police came again and knocked on my door, I did not open, but I escaped back to Serbia. I received an EU arrest warrant issued on me by the Swedish Public Prosecutor's Office because I allegedly slandered my ex-husband via my Youtube channel. It should be said that my ex-husband has belonged to the Brotherhood, born in Italy in Naples, his father is and has always been a Camorrista, my ex-husband has been a hitman and a drug dealer and has been involved in organized crime for almost 30 years. They held him by the back and they continued to hunt around a homeless woman for slander, however, my ex-husband did not live in Sweden at that period of time.
I talked to a private detective, who advised me to get out of the country, otherwise this would last year in and year out, that I would have to spend my life in and out of a jail cell, at least once every year.
The prosecutor's office have now removed my EU arrest warrant and the search warrant in Sweden ,also because this book was first published in Serbian here in Serbia, and for once, it was a prosecutor who was not corrupt, she later awarded my case, the first prosecutor Malin Kuhn, who issued the EU arrest warrant, was replaced after 6-7 months and I was lucky to get a woman who is a chamber prosecutor from the former Yugoslavia Marina Ivic. I emailed her the book in word document, and she did her job as she really should, she later also removed the arrest warrant in Sweden to, after an interview I had here about Sweden, which I emailed her as well. Thank`s that i can be hopeful that the young prosecutors may not want to get involved in ugly illegal corrupt games, but do their job, as required by law. I still live in Serbia, and I am writing book number two, which will be about my ex-husband and what he has done to me and all the crime he was/ is involved in for the past 30 years. But 3 -5 years ago he started working as an informant for the Swedish police , probably the secret police SÄPO or for the regular police. He has become an informant now, before he was a trained chef a very good resaturant chef, and i just love his cooking, and miss his cooking very much,but that was never enough for him, so he ruined his life totally 30 years ago, by becoming a drug dealer and a hitman. This man was the love of my life, and we fell in love 5 years ago, and we only was married for 2 years, and 8 months of this 2 years i sepnt in the worst jail for women in Sweden Hinseberg.

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