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Peaceful uses of nuclear energy

Författare: Mouaiyad Alabed

The peaceful uses of nuclear energy
A lot of people wonder about things that may affect the political and secural situation, because of the sensitivity of these areas on many levels. But it came to be built on the legends of the world's nuclear power. So we have specialists in this field of science, that we make our contribution to illustrate the scientific facts discreet relying on many sources sober and scientific references that we presented for analysis and audit to show this book, which I hope would put a brick in these areas.
I have collected many of the cases, and information from specialists in the medical field (exclusively) and research sites (as in university research from which I can say that I got important information in this context). There are more than 345 pages of important information in the contexts of peaceful uses of nuclear energy, tables and statistics and important figures and various tables. The book contains a lot of questions such as: What happened in Iraq from the contamination? Did the former Iraqi regime contaminated the opponents, in prisons, with radiation (radioactive isotops)? Was Iraq contaminated from the Chernobyl accident? Can we simply make nuclear reactors? How do we take advantage of nuclear energy in the diagnosis and treatment? And a lot of other information are in here as well?

Mouaiyad Alabed

I was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1959 in an area next to Ardromli in Karkh and completed my primary and secondary schools in Baghdad . I earned a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Baghdad's College of Education in 1982. I also earned a master's degree in nuclear physics from the Belarussian State University in 1987. In January of 1992 I received my Ph.D in technical science (nuclear physics) from the same university .
Since 1992 up to 2001 I worked as a lecturer in a number of Libyan universities.

I practiced at Lund University in Sweden in the group AMS. The problem of environmental pollution, nuclear radiation, and dozens of other research in this field is something I deeply care about. I’ve delivered dozens of lectures in the field of radioactive contamination due to numerous incidents of Iraq to the Chernobyl accident to the Middle East .
Many of my articles is in many arabian newspapers, magazines and websites.
The book is to spread the knowledge through the dissemination of scientific culture and the so-called “nuclear culture” for the society. There are many lecturers recorded in Paltalk for environmental pollution and other aspects. Several books of mine, including printed, currently under publishing and unfinished books. Some of them are the following:
“Physical and geological phenomena in the Holy Quran”
“Glossary of nuclear energy”
“Problems and solutions in nuclear physics (in English)
“Nuclear activity in the Middle East”
“Physical dicitonary” and of course this book “Peaceful uses of nuclear energy”

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