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Vänligen rotera skärmen till liggande orientering

In an act of weaving

Författare: Nefeli Niki Oikonomou

In an Act of Weaving is for weaving enthusiasts, dance artists and anyone who wants to feel in companionship again. An initiative that is both close and far away, to keep in touch but also create new paths, a platform to ́hold the thread ́ together again. A colourful umbrella that began with a festival with dance performances, installations, video works, workshops and choreographic interventions that then continued with Podcasts and a Book publication.
This book is a reflection, a thread, a collage, a trace of artistic processes and everything in between. It aims to give the reader the space to wander, to associate, to wonder, to forget one self and come back in different shapes. To get alternative access points to the works of the artists that participated in the festival. Not a map, but rather a compass to navigate the ‘ocean’ of Choreography and Performing Arts with, when one wants and is ready to travel.
It is also a gentle reminder that we are connected, inextricably and in deeply-rooted ways which exceed linear understanding. And that art has an undeniable role in grasping those sensibilities and can allow us to ‘weave’ through the unknown with hope.
This book is dedicated to companionship and dance.

Participating artists
Marcus Baldemar, Paloma Madrid, Sandy Ceesay, Sebastian Lingserius, Nefeli Oikonomou, Ludmila Christeseva
Coordinator, initiator, choreographer: Nefeli Oikonomou
Co-production: Weld
Producer: Ulrika Skoog Holmgaard, Scenit Produktion AB
Developed within the Residency Program AADK, Spain
Part of Kvadrennalen
With the support of the Swedish Arts Council

Nefeli Niki Oikonomou

Nefeli Oikonomou is a dancer/choreographer/ dance pedagogue/performing artist from Greece, based in Sweden. Her work is characterised by an enigmatic and almost philosophical approach to movement and a strive to locate it in uncommon places, contexts and bodies. Nefeli’s work connects knowledge in the field of dance and choreography with a drive for interdisciplinary hybrids that embrace new ways of relating to one’s own body and its surroundings.
Nefeli has produced various works, such as Weavers, Punks Not Dead, The Art of Laboring, Rhymes of Pleasure, CFT with performances in theaters both locally and internationally. She curated Pracrising Transitions Festival in Wip Konsthall, Rhymes minifestival in Weld and In an act of weaving festival that invited many artists with performances, exhibitions, film screenings, workshops, podcasts and book publication.
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